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Wendy Williams Slighted Bobby Shmurda And Kevin Hunter Responds

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Popular talk show host Wendy Williams is not one to mince her words and has never been shy to speak on anyone or any topic. The latest person to feel the sharp edge of her tongue is recently released rapper Bobby Shmurda. The daytime TV talk show host recently gave her take on the terms of his stringent parole.

She shared that she does not believe Bobby will be able to meet the requirements of his parole. It was recently revealed that as a requirement of him being released, he should not be drinking, hanging out with anyone affiliated with a gang, or venture into clubs. In addition to these rules, he also has a curfew that he has to adhere to. These conditions are expected to remain in effect until 2026.

“He’s on parole until 2026 and this young man is only 26-years-old and he’s a rapper and there’s a certain quality of life, or not life, that you lead which led him to jail to begin with,” Wendy Williams told her audience. “And he was there for six years and he did his reflections and he said, ‘I’m never going back.’ See, here’s what I think, though. Don’t be offended Shmurda, but I think you’ll be in trouble before the middle of the summer comes. I do.”

Immediately following her utterances, she started receiving reactions from her fans and followers, who said she was “bad mouthing” a black man who was only recently released from jail. One of the most surprising reactions came from her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Hunter felt the need to issue a disclaimer on behalf of himself and his son, distancing them from Williams’ remarks.

He stated: “Hopefully in the future, my son’s mother will do more research.. but in the meantime, the ‘VIEWS’ currently being expressed do not reflect that of my son or myself, we do not wish jail or incarceration on ANYONE.”

Since his release, Bobby Shmurda has been reconnecting with several heavyweights in the industry. It should be interesting to see just how the “Hot N*gga” splitter is able to maneuver around the vices of hip hop without giving in to temptation?