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Stylo G Rebuked Male Fan Who Jumped On Stage & Gift Kids In Cash

An exuberant male fan who jumped on stage while Stylo G was performing in the Gambia had to be rebuked after the artiste declared he was not into men and wouldn’t tolerate a man jumping onto his hip.

A video of the incident shared by the artiste shows him in all while deejaying with the fans repeating after him when he stops suddenly as he notices a fan jump over the barrier and run towards the stage.

As if anticipating the fan’s next moves, Stylo G quickly removes his dark shades and hops off the stage as he escapes the fan, who arrives with his arms outstretched, no doubt about to smother the artiste.

The young man dressed in t-shirt and slacks is quickly hefted off the stage by bodyguards while Stylo says “tek the man offa the stage, you know mi nuh run dem man a jump pan man on stage joke, you know mi nuh run dem man a jump pan man stage joke deh,” he says as fans erupt in laughter.

In sharing, the UK-based artiste said he “did affi look good if a man or woman,” in reference to him removing shades as he quickly ascertained his next move. He was responding to a fan commenting on the video, “it’s the way you took the glasses off n jumped in style.”

Meanwhile, some folks on the thread criticized Stylo G for running away. One Gambian fan said, “he was not going to hurt you him like you and wann give you a hug, then the next day he will be happy that he touched you on stage. We never hurt an artist here. Ask @mavadogully,” he said.

While Gambians felt slighted by the move, Stylo seems to be saying that he had an issue with the male being up close and personal as he hashtagged the video “#socialdistance mi G.”

In the meantime, Jamaican fans of the artiste defended him as they noted not only was there a pandemic in full swing but the fact that Jamaican culture views a man jumping on another man as “fruity.”

A few years ago, Christopher Martin suffered an embarrassing fate as one male fan escaped security and grabbed him and gyrated on him in a sexual way.

The offended artiste explained that while he loves his fans, that is not something he can tolerate. The incident reportedly happened in Kenya, and the artiste said, “tek time, don’t wine pan mi bwoy yuh mad a b***dcl***t, it’s all love Nairobi…he can hug me, but I don’t want him to do this on me,” Martin said as he gyrated his waist in a sexually suggestive way.

Back in the day, a similar incident also occurred to the great Shabba Ranks. While Gambians might be touchy-feely with other men but not have any sexual intention, Jamaican men are very serious about the perception of being gay and would go to great lengths to not have to engage men in their space, whether sexual or non-sexual.