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The Game Accused of Scamming Unknown Rappers

The Game
The Game

The Game is caught up in an alleged scamming scheme.

At a time when economic hardship is especially rampant, many people are going to desperate lengths to try to make some extra money. Up-and-coming musicians are in a uniquely difficult place right now considering the lack of opportunity for booking shows or finding worthwhile collaborators. According to recent accusations, The Game has been taking advantage of the situation by offering new rappers a chance at some big-name promotion and ultimately failing to deliver on his promise.

A lengthy Instagram post by thefoocommunity claims that the Compton rapper has been hitting up young artists on social media and charging them $1000 or more for a mixtape feature.

Given The Game’s bigtime fame and success in the hip hop world, rappers, of course, jumped at the opportunity only to find that their features were being posted on The Game’s secondary and unverified Soundcloud account, meaning that these artists were only receiving a few hundred listens instead of the many thousands of plays they would get through The Game’s main account. Many people, including the rappers allegedly victimized by this false advertising, call the move a deliberate scam on The Game’s part. Still, the accusations are only hearsay at this time.

Anyone who has been following The Game’s personal life in recent years may recall that he has encountered some financial trouble himself, including losing the rights to his catalogue and being ordered to pay $7 million following a sexual assault case.

He has since been accused of refusing to pay up and has also made a point to publicly declare that he is still wealthy and living comfortably despite several scandals taking a toll on his finances. However, if these recent accusations prove to be true, it seems even more likely that The Game is having a hard time paying his bills and has been preying on hungry artists to compensate for his recent losses.