K. Michelle & Keyshia Cole End Beef And Teases Joint Album

K. Michelle says she is a bigger person now after making amends with Keyshia Cole, after a longstanding feud.

A lot of people who stay up to date on the happenings in hip-hop are well aware of the constant feud between K. Michelle and Keyshia Cole. Though not so versed on how it all began, most of us have at least witnessed a jab or two exchanged by them. Fans believe that Michelle is often the instigator, so it came as much surprise to them when she announced that she finally squashed the beef with her longtime rival.

Taking to Twitter to be the first to get her quote noted in the rift-ending chapter of their story, K. Michelle told fans that she and Keyshia Cole made up real good. So good, in fact, that she’s putting fans on alert about a possible collaborative effort between her and Cole. “So last night on clubhouse was a great moment for the culture,” K. Michelle wrote. “Me and @KeyshiaCole squashed any little misunderstandings we had like adults and sang songs together all night. Y’all might even see a joint EP.”

It must have been a truly great moment indeed, especially for those who may have witnessed it. The move seems to already have had a positive impact on K. Michelle herself, who usually appears to thrive off the drama by reigniting beefs and issuing unsolicited confrontational retorts.

In a second tweet, K. Michelle assured fans that her mindset has now been enlightened. “I’m all about positivity and making great music with some great people,” she wrote.

Do you think this is a new beginning for K. Michelle and that we will actually see a joint project from her and Keyshia Cole?