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YK Osiris Roasted For Nervously Petting A Baby Crocodile In Jamaica

YK Osiris is in Jamaica, and he seems to be exploring the wildlife of the island, which includes playing with baby crocodiles and learning to say Jamaican curse words.

In a video on his Instagram account, YK Osiris can be seen holding a baby croc. The hilarious video has YK trying to speak Jamaican Patois as he says, “bumbocl**t, Ras Tafari, he looking at me.” In videos shared on his stories on Instagram, the funny singer is staying at the ultra-luxurious Sandals overwater bungalows in Montego Bay. “What we got over here,” he asks his personal chef as he shows his rice and peas and fish dinner with curried shrimp on Tuesday night.

Of course, one to never take himself too seriously, he shared several snaps with the laughing emoji at himself holding the baby crocodile. Clearly amused by his own humor, he says, “You girls you better get yall a n***a that could have fun and you laugh.. you don’t want a n***a who is ‘what’s up baby’ as he mimics someone stuck up and tough….” someone who could vibe with you baby,” he says.

It seems that he has been in Jamaica since Valentine’s Day as he shared a video of himself wishing his female fans Happy V Day while dressed up with his fancy jewelry and outfit “look at my fit,” the comedic singer laughed.

One fan commented, “He looked like he was about to sh*t himself at the end.” Another added, “his face like get this gator out my hands.”