Rosh Rebel Debuts “Tomorrow” Visual

Rosh Rebel is celebrating life in her new music video and single “Tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is not a promise to any man,” Rosh Rebel sings in her latest release. The new single titled “Tomorrow” follows the singer’s banger “Lockdown With Me,” whose music video premiered at the end of November. In the new track, Rosh Rebel shows utter gratitude for life and talks about the importance of being present. The Jamaican songstress who has been in the business for more than a decade but only emerged as a solo artist in recent years has an incredibly moving story that has spurred on truly inspiring music.

The music video accurately depicts Rosh Rebel’s intentions when she wrote the uplifting ballad. It’s about appreciating our existence today and not taking our time and people for granted. With cameos made by her family, close friends, and real-life husband, Rosh Rebel was visibly enjoying the making of the visuals shot in the hills of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

“I choose not to waste my time / I choose to complete the climb / I’m gonna show love to my family and friends / Cah mi nuh know when a next life aguh end,” Rosh Rebel sings in the second verse. Her flawless vocals cascading over the electrifying acoustics can be likened to a church choir inspiring chills with their harmonies. The Yellow Boss, of course, represented in her signature color, stunning in an attractive yellow crop top and skirt ensemble in one particular scene in the fields with windmills in the background.

“Tomorrow is only a dream that we hold / So I hang on to this life as we hope for a better world,” Rosh Rebel croons. The new track is currently available to stream or purchase on digital platforms while the music video continues to rack up views on YouTube. Check out this songbird’s latest single, “Tomorrow,” and remember to “give all you have today.”