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Funkmaster Flex Credits Drake & Kanye West For Inspiring His Liposuction

Funkmaster Flex says rappers like Drake and Kanye influenced him to go public with his liposuction procedure.

Late last year, when many people opened their Instagram apps to the cringe-worthy video of Funkmaster Flex getting liposuction, many were puzzled about what would bring someone to share such an invasive procedure. In a new interview with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Flex revealed that he felt confident about sharing the personal experience because “what’s what” other rappers “were doing.”

According to the Hot97 radio host, rappers like Drake, LL Cool J, and Kanye West influenced his decision. “I went public with it just because I thought everyone did — now, I can’t say I seen, but I can say, you know, I did, to my knowledge, Drake and Kanye and LL [COOL J] and people like that, that’s what they were doing,” he explained in the interview. “When I called and I got in touch with the guy who did it for me, I was recommended because current football players and current boxers go to him.”

In November, the veteran radio personality shared a video on social media documenting his liposuction procedure. While he revealed that working with his doctor over the months helped him to lose 40lbs, that was eclipsed by the unsettling aftertaste of witnessing the video.

Flex received a lot of ill-feedback for the graphic visual that showed the actual fat being extracted from his person. “Today I took a step I always wanted to try!” he wrote in his caption at the time. “@elitebodysculpture works on those hard areas… lower stomach, arm pit sides and back fat! No anesthesia, awake the entire time! I really enjoyed it!”

The TMI moment wasn’t ignored by LL Cool J, who took to Twitter after the post went viral. “I’m doing everything in my power right now not to go in on homie?” he wrote. “Lipo on IG? LOL. Yo@funkflex you let him hit you with the turkey thermometer on social media!!!!! I still love u B!!” he said in a second tweet.

Funk Flex couldn’t confirm that Ye, Drizzy, or LL actually got lipo did, but he certainly believes so. What say you?