Popcaan Link Up With Bakersteez In “Smoked Out Freestyle” Video


Popcaan and Bakersteez spits fire in “Smoked Out Freestyle” video.

RD Studios thought that it would have been a great music video concept to follow Popcaan for a week in hopes of documenting just how many joints he actually smokes for a week. Apparently, the crew was simply not aware of how daunting the task would be to track the Unruly Boss’ smoking habit. By Wednesday, the “Hot Grabba” deejay had already smoked a whopping 47 joints.

“Honestly, by Saturday we lost count,” read the verbiage in the video. It is definitely a fact that Popcaan is regularly spotted with a spliff to his lips or tucked behind his ear. By the looks of it, it is a common occurrence among fellow friends and associates of the deejay. Speaking of friends, Skillibeng, Creep Chromatic, Travis Chromatic, Dane Ray, and Chi Ching Ching all made appearances.

Do you remember what you did last summer? If it involved dancehall music, you most likely tried your ears at Popcaan’s FIXTAPE. The album/mixtape venture featured “Smoked Out.” The audio used for the music video gets lifted from the mixtape version, which was mixed by the aforementioned Creep of Chromatic Live.

The videos complement the audio perfectly by showing just how Popcaan spends his week. It’s a mixture of massive portions of food, time at the studio, music video shoots, and hanging with friends. In closing, he toasted to more money, life, and prosperity for himself and his friends. Bakersteez is also encouraged to take his craft much more seriously as it could be his gateway to immense wealth.