Chris Brown Lashes Out At Ben Simmons Comparison, “Stop Playing With Me”

Don’t compare Chris Brown to ball players especially Ben Simmons.

Chris Brown is no stranger to criticism, but it seems he was not in the mood to deal with any shade on Sunday when someone tweeted a comparison between him and 76ers player Ben Simmons. The point guard is often regarded as an exceedingly average player who consistently has trouble making baskets.

The Twitter user in question shared his opinion that Chris, too, is suffering from a stagnant career, writing, “Chris Brown really is the R&B Ben Simmons…no progression, no decline…just the same ole sh*t a** musician.” Apparently, Chris had some time on his hands today because he took a moment to reply to the comment, and he didn’t hold back.

“Y’all p*ssy a** n***as gone stop playing wit me like I ain’t better than an n***as u can possibly think of,” Chris responded. “BASKETBALL A TEAM sport n***a…You f*ck a** lil n***as better watch sport center because you’ll lose count watching my paper.” Adding one last insult for good measure, Chris concluded, “Now go ask ya momma who ya real daddy is.” The tweet has since been deleted, but not before The Shade Room grabbed the screenshots and shared the comments with their followers on Instagram.

While most followers found the exchange entertaining, many came to Chris’ defense to point out that someone of his skill level shouldn’t be compared to a mediocre ball player. Rapper SprngBrk, previously known as A1 Bentley, showed up in the comment section to have Brown’s back, writing, “@chrisbrownofficial is the Goat, Ben Simmons wtf more like Kobe…he works extremely hard every day no days off and [has] accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the music industry. People always HATIN.”

It looks like Chris Brown has calmed down about the diss, but there is no word yet on how Ben Simmons feels about being dragged into this conversation.