Funkmaster Flex Explains Why Drake Not Ahead Of JAY-Z To Rank “Greatest Of All Time”

Is Drake greater than Jay-Z?

Funkmaster Flex thinks Drake could have been the Greatest Rapper of All Time if he didn’t have the ghostwriting scandal in his career. Funk Flex has made it clear in the past that he is not a Drake person, but even though they don’t see things the same way, it seems that he’s not one to deny the respect Drake deserves. In a live video with Million Dollaz Worth of Game’s Wallo and Gillie Da King, he had an argument as they discussed who the greatest rapper of all time is, which he thinks rightfully would belong to Drake.

“If those reference tracks did not come out, Drake was the No. 1 rapper of all time,” Funk Flex said. “Do not get it f***ed up, if it was not for those reference tracks, he was the greatest of all time. He’s too versatile, his melodies, he has the bars, and he had the songs.”

Funkmaster Flex and Drake have come a far way, especially with him fueling Drake’s beef with Meek Mill when he leaked the Quentin Miller reference tracks. Even though this was not concrete evidence that Drake relied on Miller for verses, the tracks provided inspiration for melody and concepts that appeared later on Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’. However, it did give Meek Mill ammunition in his ghostwriting claims against the Toronto Rapper.

Did Drake Ghostwriting accusations damaged his career.

On the other hand, Drake did come out clean as he satisfied the public with his lyrical prowess and won the battle with his “Back to Back” freestyle before eventually dropping the beef with Meek Mill. In the music world, however, the stain of the scandal has done irreparable damage to Drake’s reputation. His songwriting and lyrical skills are critiqued even for other tracks and verses he wrote for others.

Meanwhile, Funkmaster Flex also brought another moment that damaged Drake in the past. In 2009, a young, fresh-faced Drake stopped by Hot 97 to freestyle for the radio veteran but clearly inexperienced. Drake chose to read his lyrics from his blackberry phone instead of reciting from memory. This led to fans dragging him.

“Me and Drake, we practiced that verse in the room already. He didn’t need the Blackberry because we practiced in the room with no Blackberry. So, when the camera came out, he pulled out the Blackberry,” Funkmaster explains.

“You wanna know why? Because as a rapper, if you look at a guy with a Blackberry you go, oh, he must have wrote those words. He already knew the words when I and he were practicing in the room.” He accused Drake of not writing the words to that freestyle.

“‘Oh, the camera’s out? Let me show you this Blackberry as if I wrote these rhymes.’ He didn’t f***ing write those freestyle rhymes on my show! I knew he didn’t write it.”

He did admit, though, that Drake would have been ahead of Jay-Z in “his book” had the ghostwriting claims never surface.