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Mario Judah Calls On The Entire World To “Protect Drake”

Protect Drake at all cost.

Drake has become synonymous with the rap culture and continues to evolve as an artiste. It’s most upcoming rapper’s dream to be contacted by the OVO Boss, and one of the lucky ones to have received that contact is Mario Judah. The aspiring artiste became very popular after he introduced the world to his fresh sound, which mixes elements of hard rock and Hip Hop. Judah made even more of a name for himself when he released his version of Playboi Carti’s highly anticipated album Whole Lotta Red.

He revealed that he was contacted by Drake during an interview with ‘Our Generation Music.’ He added that he was a big fan but didn’t reveal too much on whether or not the pair would do a collab. When asked, he said, “Drake, you’re a legend bro, that’s all I’m going to say. Thank you for reaching out brother.” Judah then said he thinks the world needs to protect the 6 God. He added, “The world protect Drake at all times. He’s amazing. [He’s] the GOAT.”

He has so much respect and admiration for the Canadian rapper that he couldn’t even choose which of Drake’s songs is his favorite. If he had no choice though, he would choose “Portland,” which features Quavo and Travis Scott off of the commercial playlist “More Life.” He described the song as amazing and also showered praise on Murda Beatz for his use of the flute on the beat.

He may be in a good mood because he was contacted but Drake, but he also said that he’s keeping his eyes on Playboi Carti. The two started beefing back in November when Judah released a series of videos demanding that Carti drop “Whole Lotta Red.” The album never materialized, and Judah became so furious that he eventually dropped part one of his version of the album.

He’s even threatened to drop the entire version that he created after it was revealed by Akademiks that Carti was getting ready to drop the album on Christmas Day. Using Twitter, he posted, “Carti: mY b3sT w0rk YET .Judah: on satan it better be…cuz if u drop and it’s completely a#s just like @ meh…then I’m dropping the rest of WLR…f*ck a part 2…the whole album coming out…u better come with that heat buddy.”