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CupcakKe Ether Sukihana In A Vicious Diss Track “The Gag Is”

Cupcakke went in on Sukihanna on a new diss track, “The Gag Is.”

Sukihana is the first rapper to respond to CupcakKe’s record ‘How to Rob’, which the Chicago rapper released on Wednesday that disses several big-name rappers. In the diss record, CupcakKe took aim at a number of heavy hitters in the rap industry, including Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Lil Baby, Lizza, Migos, Doja Cat, Lil Durk, Chief Keef, City Girls, and more.

Sukihana fired back the next day with “rob who,” clearly responding to CupcakKe in her song her raps to that CupcakKestinks when she twerks…and she would do “anything for attention with how she was desperate.” She also raps about her body being built like a cupcake and shaped like an egg and refers to unnamed persons as “cupcake hoes.”

Suki also tweeted, “And that’s how you clear a b*tch.”

CupcakKe, however, was locked and loaded with a response for Suki. She released her response in the form of a diss track, “The Gag which has lyrics that cites Suki’s OnlyFans and ranges from insults about her vagina, her body and her shape as she says Suki is built like a question mark. “You got a whole man with an OnlyFans/ B*tch that don’t add up.” The lyrics touch everything about Suki, including her surgery, her lyrics, and even her children.

CupcakKe tweeted, “you spoke on my mother so I spoke on yo kids- family is family F*** THEM BASTARDS.”

Sukihana meanwhile tried to make light of the drama as she said, “well I’m playing too. Its rap right,” in response to a fan who said “Suki she was playing lmaoooo it wasn’t even a real diss record lord.”