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Shaneil Muir Delivers Powerful New Single “The Pain” – Listen It

Shaneil Muir debuts her latest single, “The Pain.”

Shaneil Muir, the singer who brought you “Yammabella,” may have just released one of her deepest songs yet. The track is titled “The Pain” and speaks about the emotional disturbances and overall breakdown that happens once a family loses a loved one. Muir tackles the idea from a few different angles, including the death of a mom, a dad and how family members are left to console the children who are usually forgotten. The singer’s rich and powerful vocals effortlessly fill listeners with real and raw emotions and may actually bring about tears if you’ve ever lost someone close.

The “Top Gyal” singer has blossomed into her own this year despite all the restrictions on the entertainment sector. Her breakthrough hit “Yammabella” is the ultimate female empowerment anthem, as it urges females to prioritize and focus on what’s important in life.

“The Pain” is produced by Sponge Music for their World Press Riddim compilation.

Tragically and ironically, one of Muir’s biggest inspirators and backers, Dj National, passed away after being involved in a car accident. A tribute video, which includes a snippet of “The Pain,” was shared by Muir on her Instagram page.

Fans are already singing praises to Shaneil in the Youtube comment section. “This is my girl, everytime I hear her voice I have to shed tears? I’m on my way to work and my day ahead I have patients, and clicked on this quick and girl have mi messing up my make up. Oh gosh my sister you’re the best artist, this voice is going to bring you above the skyline ?, anytime shes having a concert I’m going. Thanks for another heart touching song, made my day,” wrote one fan.

Listen below.