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Moneybagg Yo Appears To Expose Ari Fletcher In A New Song Preview

Moneybagg Yo seems to be kissing and tell after the rapper seems to be divulging details about his sex life with one of his baby mothers and his current boo Ari Fletcher.

The rapper posted himself vibing to bars in the song, which says that she can’t stop messing with one of his baby mothers “Can’t stop f—king with my bm but she can’t stop keep my name out her mouth…she be like she rather cry than cry in a Honda accord.” It sounds like the baby mother is hanging on for clout and the perks.

The song also goes to reference his current girlfriend Ari and sounds as if there was a threesome with Ari, Moneybagg, and another woman. “We out in the open, she was slurping, I was coasting… just was in a threesome, smashing Ari, kissing Keisha.”

Fans, on the other hand, think that the rapper isn’t speaking to a threesome, but rather Keisha is just another code word for weed that is popular among users of the recreational drug. One fan said, “Keisha is a nickname for weed or lean. Another said, “Keisha is kush.”

Some women, though, are irritated at the private life of the rapper making it into music. One fan commented, “Y’all talk more than women nowadays.” Another fan said, “so your bm carried your baby inside herself for 9 months for you to speak bad about her in a song? Y’all messy and disrespectful.”

Another said, “clown…no matter what don’t disrespect the mother of your kids.”

Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher seem to have had a rocky relationship. On December 1, they sparked break up rumors that after they unfollowed each other on social media.