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K. Michelle Has No Regrets About Saying She Misses R. Kelly

Many have turned their backs on R. Kelly, but K. Michelle isn’t one of them.

The Chicago hitmaker has been behind bars at the city’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre for the last year and a half as he awaits trial for numerous charges relating to sexual crimes and the mistreatment of minors. The 53-year-old has become somewhat of a pariah in the music industry, particularly since the airing of the docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, but some continue to show loyalty to the musician who helped shape the career of so many. K. Michelle is one who owes much success to Kelly, and expressed her grief over not having her mentor near on Twitter.

“The Rain” singer shared with her followers that she is currently working on a new album and misses having the guidance of the King of R&B. “I swear if Rob was here so many of my musical questions would be answered… I’m trying to create the most genuine Last R&B record and I really need to play it for him but u can’t,” she tweeted. “No one will ever understand how heavy it is watching the person who saved your life be crucified in front of the world for their sickness.”

Fans were shocked by K. Michelle’s sentiments and condemned her for defending the Grammy Award winner who faces more than 20 charges of sexual assault, human trafficking, child pornography, kidnapping, forced labour, racketeering, and obstruction of justice. In response, the Memphis artist denied defending Kelly and said she has no regrets over what she said. “I NO LONGER HAVE S*** TO PROVE ON AN APP!” she wrote. “Either way it’s a sickness. I know you people on the couch think you are psychiatrist but guess I ACTUALLY HAVE A WHOLE DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY from Florida A&M. It’s all wrong and it’s a sickness.”

R. Kelly’s trial is scheduled to begin in April 2021.