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Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Values Way More Than Previously Reported

Nipsey Hussle left his family a 4.1 million-dollar fortune thanks to his smart business moves.

The late Nipsey Hussle is a widely admired rapper but he was also a well-respected businessman. The Marathon Clothing founder who was killed in front of his store in LA in March 2019 may not have owned any personal real estate property but he was keen on wise investments. According to TMZ, after a recent appraisal, Nipsey Hussle’s estate is determined to be worth over $4 million.

Nipsey’s trademark portfolio was valued at $913,000 which accounts for his voice, photos, and likeness, as well as his name and signature on consumer goods and merchandise. His estate recently sued Crips LLC over the rights to his popular slogan “The Marathon Continues” as it conflicts with the multiple “Marathon” trademarks the family already owns because of The Marathon Clothing store.

Hussle’s 25% share of stock in The Marathon Clothing is reportedly worth $271K while his personal valuables, namely, expensive jewelry like Rolexes and gold chains make up a portion of his assets as well. Most of Nipsey Hussle’s net worth, however, can be attributed to his position as CEO of All Money In No Money Out Inc, a label and concept created by the late activist.

Nipsey Hussle reportedly had a 100% interest in the organization which is worth over $2 million. The grand total is an estate valued at a hefty net worth of $4,169,088.57 million. According to the rundown of the label on the official website, the name “conceptualizes economic self-sufficiency. Instead of spending money on depreciating assets, or other material goods, Nipsey emphatically emphasized the importance of saving money and investing that money to create wealth.”

The departed rapper clearly leads by example and practiced what he preached. We can all take a tip or ten from Nipsey Hussle.