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NBA YoungBoy Performed At Packed Show Despite Pandemic, Played Quando Rondo’s “End Of Story”

NBA YoungBoy show

It has been a hard year for everyone, and one of the most difficult things we have had to give up is the ability to see live music.

This has been challenging for artists and fans alike, but most of us understand that this sacrifice is for the greater good when it comes to slowing the spread of coronavirus until we are able to safely gather once again. However, it seems plenty of people are fed up with the many restrictions we have had to endure, and now concert venues are once again filling up in certain parts of the country.

Despite COVID numbers rising rapidly, and expected to skyrocket further in the coming months, NBA Youngboy performed for a huge crowd in Orlando, FL over the weekend. From the footage circulating online of the show, it doesn’t seem like fans were social distancing or wearing masks for the most part.

Youngboy himself was very close to the crowd as he performed several of his hits. Although NBA is receiving some backlash for the decision to perform for such a large crowd without following any safety measures, he is not the first artist to make some irresponsible decisions when it comes to live shows.

Lil Baby also found himself in trouble recently after flagging the mayor of Houston due to footage of his concert showing fans refusing to socially distance during the show. Unfortunately, while many areas of the country are dealing with strict shutdowns due to overflowing ICUs, there are still many people who choose not to take the virus seriously. It doesn’t seem like regular citizens or celebrities are going to come together any time soon to stop the spread of COVID, but a vaccine is reportedly ready for distribution and may offer us some hope in the coming year.

Quando Rondo’s new song “End Of Story was also played at the concert.