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Popcaan Drops New Collab “Cream” With Frahcess One

Popcaan link up with Frahcess One on the new single, “Cream.”

Unruly member Frachess One is finally getting the spotlight he deserves with yet another release featuring the Unruly Boss himself, Popcaan. The two teamed up on a ‘gangsterific’ track titled “Brawlin” just a few weeks ago. Today’s release is all about “CREAM,” and as Frachess explains, it has not one thing to do with ice cream.

They may be wrong about that though since the track and melody from both artistes definitely have a smooth feel that mimics the texture of vanilla, in our opinion. The punchy bassline adds a bit of grit to the mix, and as such, we could think of it as a rocky road, cookie n’ cream, or even grape nut. The lyrics and vocal arrangement from both Popcaan and his protege’ could then be classified as sprinkles and sauce atop the beat produced by Young Vibez Production.

“CREAM” is all about the cheddar, the mula, the paper, and both men are quite boastful about the lot that they have, and the power it has over females all across the globe. Jamaican female singer Jada Kingdom received an honorable mention when Popcaan used her voluptuous shape to draw reference to the ladies he’s hanging with.

You can check out “CREAM” below.