Chino to release three album project called “The Process”

Chino McGregor got three new projects on the way.

New music is in the works from Chino who has revealed he’s created a three-part project which he has named “The Process”. The project features three different albums which have been broken down into volumes. “The Process” volume one, called “Lyrics Over Gimmicks,” was released on November 20 while volume 2, “Gyal Factory”, is carded for a December 11 release and the last volume “Riddim Rider Style”, is expected on New Year’s Day.

He spoke with the Jamaica Star about the project and explained that the sound and vibe of it was done according to a formula that he’s created. He said whereas fans usually hear hardcore dancehall or more commercial sounds mixed in with the reggae, like hip hop and pop, he decided to split the sounds into different directions or lanes, which he added resulted in three volumes.

He went on to say that each volume contains seven songs and that each volume has a specific theme like “Lyrics Over Gimmicks” which focuses on lyricism and storytelling, while “Gyal Factory” is geared towards a female audience, and “Riddim Rider Style” is for true reggae as it features a mix of roots and lovers’ rock.

He revealed that he had been working on the project since the beginning of this year and that most of the tracks were recorded before and during the pandemic. He added: “There were some other tracks that I loved but I didn’t think they got their due justice so those are included as well.” He chose this format because he is trying to find a new way to appeal to a generation of fans with shorter attention spans, he added.

Through his own Jamworld Music label, he was able to produce several of the tracks and also enlisted the help of his brother Stephen McGregor, Romeich Entertainment and CJ the Chemis as well.