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Nipsey Hussle’s Famous The Marathon Store Vandalized & Complex Damaged

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s store was vandalized.

The Marathon Store in Los Angeles that’s owned by the late Nipsey Hussle has been violated. A video surfaced online that shows Hussle’s store and the whole plaza where it’s located completely vandalized with doors and windows smashed in. The person behind the recording can be heard narrating and expresses gross disdain towards the perpetrators. He threatens that it will “be ugly for them” if their identity was ever to come to light.

DJ Akademiks shared the video on his Instagram page, asking, “Who vandalized #nipseyhussle marathon store and the whole plaza?” Fans reacted with disappointment with some questioning, “What did you gain from this?” Others speculated that it was the cops or the government.

Nipsey definitely deserves more respect, and evidently, fans agree, which is indicated by their outrage. Over on Twitter, fans are absolutely livid with the looters who they believe have tried to disgrace and taint the legacy of the well respected departed rapper and businessman. “To disrespect a true icon who did so much do so many communities. Talk about double standards, Speak on this #BLM,” one fan wrote with the facepalm emoji.

“Ni**as ain’t sh*t whoever was responsible for vandalizing ‘The Marathon Clothing’ store. This how we honor Nipsey??” another Twitter user questioned angrily.

Nipsey opened The Marathon Clothing in 2017 with the vision of bringing a gem to his hometown and establish something by the people of Crenshaw for the people of Crenshaw. The day he was killed, Nipsey popped in at the store to get clothes for his friend, who would have just gotten out of prison. He was gunned down right outside of the establishment.

The Marathon Clothing store is an important landmark for many reasons, and this is definitely not a good look for those involved.