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Benny The Butcher Spotted Walking With Crutches After Being Shot At A Walmart

Benny The Butcher is out the hospital and back up and about after being shot in the leg.

Violence continues to pervade the rap community, and the latest victim of the disturbing trend is Benny the Butcher, who was shot in Houston, Texas, reportedly outside of a Walmart in the afternoon of November 14. Social media sites began blowing up with the news, which was eventually confirmed by Texan authorities. It was reported on a local news channel, KHOU-11, that the Houston Police Department were investigating a shooting in which at least one person was shot during an attempted robbery in a Walmart parking lot.

TMZ also confirmed that Benny was the victim of a robbery gone wrong. It is believed that the Buffalo rapper was in town on business and visited a local Walmart with a couple of his friends. Further reports indicate that while he and his crew were sitting in their car, another vehicle with five men inside pulled up next to them. The men brandished weapons and demanded that they be given the rapper’s and his friends’ chains.

Things got dicey after the robbers found that the crew was moving too slow to relinquish their items, and one of them became impatient and fired a single shot into the car. That shot hit Benny in his leg, and the crew immediately drove off before stopping to contact the police. He was taken to the hospital, but no official updates have been given as to his condition as yet.

The suspects are still at large, but investigators said they are working to bring them in. The violence comes as part of a disturbing trend within recent times, which included the fatal shooting of King Von and Dallas rapper Mo3. Another rapper, Boosie Badazz, was shot in the leg while in Dallas when he attended the vigil for Mo3’s vigil on November 14.

Fans shared their thoughts about the ongoing violence in the rap genre.

“Texas is a dangerous place for rappers to be rn fr. Mo3 got killed. Boosie got shot. Now Bennie The Butcher gets shot Man.”

“King Von, MO3, Boosie & Benny The Butcher all shot within a week.”

One Twitter user posted a short clip of the rapper who looked like he had recovered from the incident. “Benny The Butcher is good y’all.”

Other publications have also indicated that the rapper has recovered and was filmed on his way to his private jet, but no confirmation as to the extent of his injuries has been disclosed.