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Kid Cudi On ‘Kids See Ghosts’ With Kanye West, “Working on that record saved me”

Kid Cudi says working on Kids See Ghosts might’ve saved his life.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been privy to a front-row seat to witness “Day N Nite” rapper Kid Cudi opened up about his struggles with depression and his overall mental health, which is quite commendable since speaking out is one of the best ways to get help. Cudi has also revealed that music is one of his greatest escapes, and he even listed one project as the ultimate lifesaver.

Kid Cudi’s friend of 15 years, Kanye West, helped to drag him from a dark spot in his life when they collaborated to form the duo Kids See Ghosts, releasing their joint eponymous debut album in 2018. Aside from Ye, the album featured work from Pusha T, Ty Dolla $ign, and a few others.

While speaking to Rolling Stone Italia, the Ohio rapper reflected on his life and the impact of the album on his existence. “Working on that record saved me: at the time I didn’t know if I was going to continue making music or not, and Kanye was there for me, to help me get up,” he said. “At that moment I really needed it.”

Kid Cudi went on to say that the SOS messaging was always present in his music and he’s always been honest and sincere about his struggles.

Earlier this year, Kid Cudi also announced his plans to start a podcast “meant to comfort the lonely.” While he did not state when the podcast would go live, he teased a pretty straightforward name to his Twiter community; All Love No Sh*t Talkin.

“All love no sh_t talkin. Only uplifting artists and talkin w my friends and fans. All positive vibes! It’ll be like ur hangin w me smokin and shootin the sh*t for awhile. Itll be meant to comfort the lonely,” he tweeted at the time.

We are happy to see that Cudi is doing a lot better and is pumping out more music. As we move past World Mental Health Day 2020, we are asking you or anyone you know currently being affected by depression or other forms of mental health, to visit the nearest hospital or mental health facility.