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Stylo G and Stamma Kid Drops “Put Eh Dung” Visual

Stylo G and Stamma Kid drops off the visual for “Put Eh Dung.”

Navigating the treacherous pitfalls of dating, especially for a man, can be quite a daunting task. This why UK-based dancehall entertainer Stylo G and Stamma Kid are letting some of their male fans know if they are not built for the game, they should “Put Eh Dung,” which is also the name of their new single.

While the audio track has been getting a few plays here and there with 87,699 views on Youtube since August 31, it seems it’s the comedic video that is set to take this one to the moon. It already boasts over 26,000 Youtube views since it dropped nearly 24 hours ago. Stylo G is known for his “outer space” inspired beats, and the riddim track for “Put Eh Dung” serves that up and some.

“Nowadays me no affi say nun p__sy run, yuh a no gyalis go put eh dung,” instructs Stylo, as the cameras capture a wealthy-looking fellow who gets left by two fine young ladies he had hoped to accompany into the club for the night. At first, it’s the bouncer at the gate who prohibits him from entering, but his chances of a good time with any of the ladies inside the venue are soon non-existent due to his lack of gyalis skills. It’s a fun and vibrant video directed by Tadas that should have you smiling if not chuckling throughout its 4 minutes runtime.

You can check it out “dung” below.