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I Waata Switch Up His Flow And Reps Vendetta In “Lota Trouble” Video

Dancehall deejay I Waata relayed just how much of a menace to society he can be in his new track “Lota Trouble.”

The song is executively produced by Johnny Wonder, with assistance from Adde Instrumentals, and comes packaged with a Dameon Gayle music video. I Waata seemingly took a trek to the countryside to conduct the shoot, as multiple trees and plants are used to set the natural backdrop from him and his foot soldiers. One associate who behind the deejay can clearly be seen sporting a Vendetta mask, which is the first representation of the close relationship the young artiste shares with the Alkaline led camp. DettaPLay is splashed across other objects throughout the video, such as the deejay’s shirt and a bike muffler.

In reference to the actual song, I Waata does something different by lowers the tone of his voice along with slowing the nature of his delivery. He still manages to spazz with lyrics he is accustomed to—however, this time, he does it with a bit more tact and clarity. One person praised the deejay for the growth in his delivery on the song. “Yes wata yo find it. Yah bad artist but de bagga noise ena yo song nah go work. Listen to diss an listen to one way yah make e one bagga noise ah see if this no hotta,” came the comment.

The influence behind the change of delivery is unknown, but with it coming just weeks after the announcement of the direct link with the man of many flows, Alkaline, it could be an indication of mentorship from the Vendetta Boss.

You can experience the new flow from I Waata below.