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Chronic Law Drops New Song “In Too Deep”

It new music Friday and the 6IXX’s lyrical engine, Chronic Law has released a brand new track titled, “In Too Deep.”

The creative minds at Shawn Dan Production Inc are responsible for the slow meditations backing riddim that the big man Chronic Law flows over. A saxophone is awarded the simple yet important job of humming throughout the entirety of the track, essentially carrying the pain being felt by a deeply hurt Law Boss. Revenge is a must in the eyes of the singer, and he is not short of the tools to carry out the mission.

Peep an exert of the lyrics from the first verse in which he discusses he feelings: “cyah sleep blind to love cyah see it yeah mi have a heart but mi nuh know weh fi mi heart beat inside mash up yuh cyah go find parts fi it revenge is a must thats why war sweet yo daddy seh fi lef it alone mummi seh fi gwaan ease cyah dweet cause dem scar yah cyah heal noo dem nuh know how he law feel.”

The release is accompanied by a detailed animated video that outlines his day to day activities in reference to what is documented in the lyrics. At least one fan decided to crack a joke about the animation. “Man so bad him BMW look like a Lamborghini Aventador from di front but have the body styling of a mustang,” he wrote before shouting out just awesome the song is. Another fan award Chronic Law the title of being the only deejay to bring about deep meditation. “This yah man yah song alone can make me whole some deep medz hear that good music to me ears.”