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Ari Fletcher Confronts Moneybagg Yo On Twitter Over This Cryptic Tweet

Moneybagg Yo is throwing out subs on Twitter, and he’s gotten his girlfriend, Ari Fletcher’s, attention.

It’s a constant guessing game in the social media world with the cryptic captions, posts, and memes. Those who aren’t bold enough to mention the person they’re referencing directly, often choose subliminal messages as a worthy substitute.

Granted, there are times when speculation can make something out of nothing, but in most cases, the shoe fits someone out there, and online users can be quite the crafty detectives. While the interpretation of the not-so-straight-forward posts is often left up to the fans, girlfriends of the authors are not immune to suspecting shade either.

Moneybagg Yo & Ari Fletcher

Moneybagg Yo inspired a thread of conjecture on Twitter when he sent out a cryptic tweet that many believed was aiming at the woman he is currently seeing. “All dat extra sh*t get u left behind,” he wrote. Interestingly enough, his girlfriend Ari Fletcher joined in the parade of inquiries about what the rapper is implying.

“Who you talking about?” Ari wrote back on Twitter. Moneybagg then claimed it meant nothing, at least nothing about the couple. “Dam I can’t tweet?!” he replied to Ari. “Me and u not into y it got to personal could be in general.” While it’s hard to decipher what he really meant to say, the essence of his retort was that it wasn’t personal and wasn’t meant for Ari.

Artists usually take to social media to use subliminal posts to throw shade or address something being said about them online, and fans are usually good at connecting the dots. Though Moneybagg Yo has “cleared it up” of some sorts, many still question just how “general” his statement actually was.

Do you think Ari Fletcher was right to check her man on Twitter?