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Intence Calls Out His Haters In “Authentic” Video

Intence dropped a new song called “Authentic” that not only disses his haters but also assures them that he is not one to play with.

Dancehall artist Intence still has a buzz and he is making use of the spotlight by delivering new music. This week the deejay released his new song “Authentic” and accompanying visuals shot and edited by KD Visuals.

In the song Intence talks about people using his name for clout and also addresses some of the rumors that have been swirling about him in the dancehall community. “Man ‘traight, nuh walk through back gate / Pumpum nuh know a ting bout mi face / Wah di f**k dem a debate / But wait jus fi likkle fame / ‘Mount a time dem sh*t pon mi name,” the young deejay sings in the hook.

It was recently revealed that Intence was allegedly sexually abused by his own paternal parent as a child and it has influenced his sexual orientation. This allegation was fueled by Foota Hype who claimed to have heard it from a reliable source that is close with one of the deejay’s best friends and fellow dancehall artist, I Waata. However, Intence wants his detractors to know that he is not a gay man but he is a gunman.

“Have couple dawg mi know dem authentic (real) / Nuh mek mi mek a call pon mi dawg dem chip (glock) / A iron we deal wid a nuh carpentry / Nail dem up dem ya hammer ya a knock healthy / An since dem feel dem lost / And waan dem name fi call / And everyweh di hype deh, dem deh deh dawg / Janella aguh call dem name 7 o’ clock (news) / When unuh mention me name jus state facts,” Intence deejays in the first verse.

For a brief moment, the song showcases Intence’s lyrcism with some slick wordplay as it goes on. The deejay also affirmed in his new track that regardless of the hate, he will have a long and fruitful career stating, “a years pon years mi aguh reign.”

“Authentic” which was produced by Zimi Entertainment is currently on YouTube’s trending list and has amassed over 100K views since its debut on Tuesday (August 18).