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50 Cent Says He’s taking A Break From Instagram After Getting Censored For Bullying

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent says he is taking a break from Instagram after getting censored by admin for bullying.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that 50 Cent always has something to say. The man’s Insta is filled with controversial commentary, shots at his haters, and jokes at his girlfriend’s expense, making his feed one of the most interesting on the social media platform. But, the “Animal Ambition” rapper has announced that he is embarking on one of his many hiatuses from IG.

In June, Fifty said that he was taking a break from Insta and venturing to Twitter instead as he felt that the picture-based app had way too many bots on its shores. However, the new hiatus is for a different reason and is more to do with 50 Cent’s content than his commenters’. A post that the TV exec had put up of a bikini-clad woman exercising a yoga pose got him into a bit of trouble as it was somehow reported for bullying and harassment.

Fifty informed his followers by posting a message he had received from Insta that stated, “Your post goes against our community guidelines,” and lists bullying and harassment as the reason. “I don’t understand this, why am i getting this?” the rapper asked irately in his caption. “It says the post is removed for bullying but the post is still on my page. Ok time to take a break from IG.”

According to 50 Cent, his follower count has remained on 25 million for the past year, claiming that he is “shadow-banned,” which is tech-speak for being undiscoverable to new users unless they use the search function.

Maybe this is time to turn over a new social media leaf.