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Logic Celebrates Living a “Normal” Life in “DadBod” Video

Logic showcases his normal life in “DadBod” video.

Logic may be only 30-years-old, but the Maryland rapper has officially announced his retirement from the rap game along with the release of his final album. No Pressure dropped on Friday and features fifteen tracks showing off his impressive lyrical prowess and quality production by NO I.D. The project celebrates Logic’s journey to the completion of his sixth studio album, including tracks that proudly address his transition to a family man. Now a video accompanying the song “Dadbod” has dropped featuring at-home footage of Logic and his happy family as he explains why retirement and fatherhood suit him so well during this next phase in his life.

The first few seconds of the video announces Logic’s decision to retire and move to Montana and then goes on to a cheerful montage of his new suburban lifestyle. The lyrical master raps over a laidback track while driving to Target, changing his son’s diaper, and going on a walk with his wife and baby in tow. Elaborating on his definition of true success, Logic spits, “Cuz back in my day it was food stamps/And I love my wife like I am Chance/I bet you’d rap about the sh*t me and him rap about if you had ever made it now/But you ain’t never had the chance”.

He continues lightheartedly rapping about the dramatic ways in which his life has changed, saying, “I can tell you more about diapers than modern rappers and cyphers/I used to be about the B Rabbits and Mekhi Phifers/Hit the stage grip the mic and murder you like a pro-lifer/But I’m done now, got a son now/F*ck the rap game, I’m done now”. There’s no denying Logic looks genuinely happy with his choice to leave music and live a more laid-back lifestyle. Of course, many rappers have announced their retirement in the past only to come back a year or two later. Only time will tell if this is really the last we hear of the incredibly talented Logic.