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Lil Baby Angered By Walmart Allegedly Selling Knockoff 4PF Chains

Lil Baby is not happy with Walmart for selling a knock-off chain with his brand.

Walmart got Lil Baby messed up. The discount department store has come under fire from the rapper and his fans for adding a new unauthorized product to their retail stores that have got the industry looking at them sideways. According to Walmart’s website, they are now offering the “Mens Baguette Icy 4PF Pockets Full Rapper Custom Pendant Hip Hop” and as wordy as it sounds, it really just means a fake Lil Baby chain.

Lil Baby coined the phrase “4 Pockets Full,” which signifies all pockets being full of cash—in other words, having a lot of money. Last Christmas, the rapper iced out his entire crew with custom diamond encrusted 4PF chains. In addition to the exclusive jewelry, Lil Baby also has a 4 Pockets Full clothing line, and he even recently launched a new Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

When the rapper caught wind of Walmart selling knock-off 4PF chains, he was floored. Baby took to Twitter to say, “Walmart got me fu***ed up.” He is clearly not a fan of the retailer’s counterfeit imitation of his brand. 4PF is a registered trademark that is owned by Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones. However, it is copyrighted in the category of ‘Clothing Products’ and is registered to be used in the business of T-shirts. That limitation might pose an issue if the rapper was to seek legal reparations for Walmart’s alleged infringement.

Though Lil Baby is obviously perturbed, his fans are glad they can rock a 4PF chain like him. Granted, it’s nowhere near the same price or quality, but at least they have the opportunity to rep 4PF with some ice. One fan responded to Lil Baby’s tweet writing, “I got mines” alongside a picture of the pendant and chain in his palm.

There is no doubt Lil Baby is itching to get these knock-offs off the shelf, but it looks like Walmart will profit abundantly from eager fans first. There is a photo going around Twitter that is alleged to be Lil Baby responding to a fan’s message saying, “That n**ga is not 4PF.” The rapper clearly believes his exclusive logo should be earned. Do you think he will manage to fight Walmart on this one?

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