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Offset Celebrates Voting For The First Time, Says He Wasn’t Allowed To Before

Offset just voted in Georgia for the first time ever.

Kiari Kendrell Cephus, who is most popularly known by his stage name Offset, finally got his chance to vote in Georgia’s down-ballot primary. He commemorated the moment by bringing the news to his fans on Instagram that he has finally jumped the hurdle on Tuesday. The 28-year-old rapper highlighted that in the past, he didn’t have the opportunity to vote because of his prior convictions. This is owing to the state of Georgia having a strictly enforced ban on felon voting rights for decades.

“My First time ever voting because I wasn’t allowed! I over came this obstacle and decided to make a real difference!!!!” Offset wrote on Instagram alongside a video of him outside the polling station. “Everybody please go vote today (LAST DAY)!!!” he added. In the video, Offset shared a little about his previous inability to vote and his new voting milestone and encouraged others to do the same.

“I just voted, my first time 28 years old. I got past my record and my past history, and I’m able to vote,” Offset stated in the Instagram video. That goes to show that a former convict can definitely turn their life around and reform to a functioning asset. It was evident that the megastar was brimming with pride, as he wore the “I voted” sticker as a badge of honor which was symbolic of Offset being accepted as a productive member of Georgia’s society. “I feel good, I feel proud,” he said. The rapper also felt pleased that he was doing his part in the fight for black rights as he was using his voice and his vote to enact change.

Similarly, the Georgia native pushed his fans to also try and make a difference by following his lead. “Everybody been going through the same pain,” he continued. “We can face it and make a change.” A sentiment fellow Atlanta rappers T.I. and Jeezy clearly agreed with as they both made a stop by the polling stations on Tuesday as well. Jeezy shared a look at his badge of honor over on his own Instagram page. It was accompanied by a motivational caption that read: “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can,” Young Jeezy wrote.


If Offset can beat his record and vote for the first time at 28-years-old, why should we have any excuse?