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Lil Uzi Vert Take Shots At YK Osiris, Issue Boxing Challenge, “I’ll Knock You The F*** Out”

Lil Uzi Vert issued a stern warning to self-proclaim boxing champ, YK Osiris, and now its on.

YK Osiris has another challenger in the boxing ring. The self-appointed King of R&B has been practicing his footwork and hand-eye coordination of late as he indulges in his newfound love of boxing. His competitors have been fellow names in the boxing game, with Lil Tjay having been the first to step into the ring. The pair battled it out on a private basketball court in LA, and YK Osiris claiming victory has given him quite a taste for the sport.

Following the showdown with Tjay, YK Osiris wanted Tony Lanez to step into the ring, but the Quarantine Radio host didn’t seem so keen. Trippie Redd initially took up the challenge, but pulled out at the last minute, claiming that he “didn’t want to associate himself with bulls***.” Trippie’s loss was Blueface’s gain, and he and Osiris came to friendly blows at the “Close Up” rapper’s home, after which Blue commended his opponent. Now someone else has put his hand up to go up against Osiris — Lil Uzi Vert.

Uzi and the “Worth It” singer go way back as Uzi remixed the two singles, which gained Osiris popularity, “I’m Next” and “Valentine.” But friendship or not, Uzi’s offer seems to have fallen short as Osiris dismisses his challenge. “You too little, my brother!” the 21-year-old directed at the “That Way” rapper in an IG video.

“This man too little for me, man. Man, you my son.” Uzi responded by stating that he has a reputation for knowing how to fight when the time calls for it. Osiris continued to throw light jabs by asking how much money should be placed on the fight if the two do go head-to-head, saying that $100,000 is not enough, and all those who bet on Lil Uzi Vert are going to lose their money.

Time will tell whether the pair meet in the ring, after all.