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Big Sean Opens Up About Racism And George Floyd’s Murder, “I Don’t Feel Equal”

Big Sean

Big Sean opens up about George Floyd’s murder and racism gripping our society.

Big Sean is one of many artists to speak out over the last week about the recent string of murders of Black Americans, including the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. The rapper posted videos to social media, expressing his feelings about moving towards justice and the impact of peaceful protesting. He also shared his suspicions that some of the violence and destruction taking place at the protests erupting nationwide is not be propagated by Black activists or their allies, but rather by people with sinister and insidious motives.

“Clearly we got the whole world’s attention,” Sean states in the video. “And justice has to be served. Period.” 

He goes on to speak on the protests and his own participation, saying, “I know I been protesting, I know a lot of us been out on the streets protesting and it’s been a lot of unity. 

But I also see a lot of people with ulterior motives that look like undercover cops. I don’t know if they are undercover cops, but like, you know, starting a lot of the conflict, a lot of the issues. And we’ve all seen places where they’ve got them bricks conveniently located to wreak havoc, and I don’t know what the ulterior motive is.”

Big Sean isn’t the first protestor to voice these concerns. Several videos have been circulating the internet that depict troubling images at protests of what appears to be police officers, some uniformed and some presumably undercover, inciting violence, property damage, and looting.  

While some police departments around the country have chosen to stand alongside their community in solidarity by marching with citizens or taking a knee, other departments have seemingly declared war against protesters by using militaristic strategies such as tear gas and rubber bullets. Along with protesting, people wishing to do the most good during this difficult time should donate to organizations that are working to end police violence, such as Campaign Zero.