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Eminem Backs Black Out Day, Shuts Down Shady Records


Black Out Tuesday is in the works and Eminem is shutting down Shady Records to join the initiative.

In light of the recent traumatic social injustices that have taken place, a legion of advocates is rallying together for social justice and racial equality. Many people are joining the Black Out initiative that is set to take place on Tuesday, June 2 in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

That day participants will temporarily close or pause their services to show solidarity against racial inequality and injustices. Eminem’s record label Shady Records will reportedly be joining the cause, according to the “Rap God” himself. Em reposted the announcement via Shady Records on Instagram along with the brief caption, “We will be closed on Black Out Tuesday.  Join us in fighting for change. #TheShowMustBePaused #BlackLivesMatter #BlackOutTuesday.”

In the official announcement, the label shared various ways that anyone who cares to participate or support the cause can do so. That includes donating to the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and singing petitions with the Black Lives Matter organization and change.org.

“Shady Records will join in the observance of Black Out Tuesday on June 2, 2020,” the announcement read. “On this day we will dedicate our time and efforts to help prevent social injustice and explore ways to assist in the fight against racial inequality.”

Black Out Tuesday’s central theme is that the focus will be on matters of race and social justice which means there will be no business as usual, with some organizations even putting a temporary hold on releasing any new music. Some of the record industry giants that have pledged to participate include Sony, Universal Music Group, Def Jam, Atlantic, Interscope, Capitol Records, and even Amazon Music. Together they will donate to organizations that are helping in the fight against racial injustices, helping to bail out protesters as well as to legal aid for the cause.

Black Out Tuesday will be a reflective day for these institutions to come up with longterm plans on how to evoke real change. The show must be paused.