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Iggy Azalea Barks At Fan Who Suggest She Gained Weight

Don’t ever tell Iggy Azalea that she gained weight.

There are a lot of perks to being a celebrity, but one definite downside is having to deal with constant scrutiny about your body. This is especially true for female artists who are unable to gain or lose a few pounds without the whole world taking notice and having something to say about it. While rapper Iggy Azalea may be problematic in several ways, her weight continues to be the focus of many trolls who have nothing better to do.

Since her recent return to social media, followers have been analyzing every picture the Australian artist posts. When a so-called-fan commented on a recent headshot of Iggy saying, “I guess you’re gaining weight”, Azalea quickly clapped back. The commenter added, “Still looking FAB! As a backhanded compliment, Iggy wasn’t flattered. She replied, “Why do I have to be gaining weight because I want to post a few selfies? The obsession with my body you guys have is unhealthy.” She continued by defending her fit physique, saying, “I posted a picture of my body just last week I HAVE A F**KING SIX PACK. Please get a life. Every image I post does not need to be of my body.”

While Iggy’s recent absence from social media seems to have sparked rumors that she and her boyfriend Playboi Carti may have welcomed a child behind the scenes, her return to the Gram may hint at new music on the way from the controversial rapper. All we can say for sure is that her weight has absolutely nothing to do with her music.

A recent post from the singer Adele sparked similar conversations when the entire internet collectively lost their minds over her apparent weight loss. Many people spoke up to remind fans that weight tends to fluctuate, and a female artist’s body should not overshadow their body of work.