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Ludacris Told Georgians To Stay At Home Despite Governor Reopening State

Ludacris is urging residents in Georgia to stay in regardless of quarantine lift.

Some states are starting to reopen their economies and ease restrictions starting next week. Georgia is one such state, but veteran rapper, Ludacris thinks it’s too soon. The rapper is asking the citizens of Georgia to stay home regardless of the state’s decision. On Monday (April 20), Gov. Brian Kemp gave businesses the green light to open their entryways as soon as Friday (April 24), despite the fact that the territory has been tormented with in excess of 21,000 affirmed coronavirus cases.

The governor gave permission for non-essential businesses such as salons, gyms, restaurants, and movie theaters to resume business which as we all know can all attract a large number of people. Hence, the increase of concerned citizens all over the state.

Luda posted a bit of a morbid message on his Instagram, imploring individuals to stay home or at the very least to continue practicing social distancing even after all the non-essential businesses re-open in the state. “Guess who is open to doing your hair, nails, and eyebrows?” Luda’s post read. “The funeral home! If you want an appointment, keep running around.” While the governor’s orders would give the impression that we’re all alive and well and should get back to business, Luda reminds us that the virus is still alive and well too.

“Somebody had to say it. This is not the time to play games,” the rapper wrote in his caption. Clearly, Ludacris thinks his state still isn’t ready to reopen. The Governors seem to be rushing it because they are eager to get the economy started up again but this can end up being catastrophic if the virus runs rampant.

Diddy, T.I., Cardi B, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, and others from the hip-hop community voiced their disapproval over the state leader’s hastiness to return to civilization as well. If all we needed was a few weeks break, then did we really need one at all? If we did in fact need the break then we most likely still do. Think about it.

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