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Popcaan Blast NotNice, Explains What Caused Their Beef

Popcaan went berserk on NotNice on Instagram Live while explaining what caused their beef.

Over 2 Years worth of bad blood between members of Popcaan’s Unruly camp, Jah Vinci and producer NotNice has finally spilled over into the public. Things started to unfold last week when Popcaan hopped onto the online Instagram battle being waged against producers NotNice and dancehall artiste DJ Frass. During the proceeding, Popcann decided to address his former label mate and friend Jah Vinci as “fish tea,” before taking a shot at his career, claiming he only has one clash ready track.

For many persons, the comment came as a surprise, especially since the “Remedy” artiste confessed such a strong allegiance with Popcaan back in 2018. “Me and Popcaan never drop the link no matter what, from day one,” he commented about their relationship. The comment also came as a shock to Jah Vinci’s label boss, NotNice, who addressed the name-calling in a followup Instagram video.

“Him (Popcaan) forward pon di live a come diss Jah Vinci. Mi nu see di sense a it, yuh zimi. Maybe a man just waah be seen and seek some attention and nu know how fi sweet,” questioned the producer.

“Popcaan ah p**sy! Tell him seh mi say dat, screen record dis. Tell Popcaan seh mi say him a p**sy, yeah… suh nu ask mi again,” concluded NotNice after siding with his signee Jah Vinci.

As expected this did not sit well with the Unruly camp leader who took to Instagram to detail the exact reasons for addressing Jah Vinci the way he did. Popcaan also called out NotNice, issuing his receipts of why he dubs the producer has a hater.

In giving his side of the story for the defamation Jah Vinci, Popcaan first spoke about an incident that took place at a gym. The exact account from Popcaan states that Jah Vinci ran into him at the fitness center and told him that he had put his music career on pause, this comes after getting booted from the Vybz Kartel led Portmore Empire. The “Where We Come From” singer decided to give a helping hand, asking Jah Vinci to lend his vocals to the lyrics of what would become the hit track “Steamy.” According to Poppy, Jah Vinci failed to give proper credits when he was questioned during interviews.

With the recent outburst from Popcaan, Jah Vinci decided to add his few cents to what is being said, choosing to post an image of himself to his Instagram mere hours ago. The caption for the post read “New music on the way guys!!! oh and a me write them”.

Popcaan also mentioned another incident in which Jah Vinci contacted him to possibly get a spot on an international show. Popcaan mentioned how he contacted his manager to secure plane and hotel tickets out of his own pocket in order to get Jah Vinci included due to the show’s line up already being decided.

Sometime after arriving in Jamaica, the apparent freeloader decided to slander Popcaan for not paying him what he thought he deserved, ultimately leading to Popcaan’s recent attack on Live.

Popcaan has similar issues with NotNice, who accused him of not paying up following a series of shows in England where he accompanied him as his nightly disc jockey.

Poppy explained that the shows were actually the brainchild of himself and his team, and therefore, the distribution of payment was panned out differently than it would have with an external promoter. This change in funding essentially left a now disgruntled NotNice empty-handed.

NotNice and Popcaan are more than friends, with the producer fathering a child with Popcaan’s sister, Unruly Squid. The two have also come a far way, working on numerous tracks for more than a decade, especially post Gaza. The Unruly deejay documented all the positives he has bestowed upon NotNice, contrasting that while he did not receive payment, it was not enough to throw away their years of friendship and partnership.

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Poppy felt that the producer should have discussed his concerns surrounding payment in a more one on one setting instead of talking behind his back, leaving him to find out through other sources.

Popcaan anchored his point that money is not everything, explaining how coming from very humble beginnings has not influenced him to skip any lines to reach the level of stardom he now holds and will continue to hold for years to come.