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Logic Explains The Logic Behind His Disappearance From Rap

Logic pops up on social media to explain the logic behind his disappearance.

Maryland rapper Logic took an unexpected dip from social media about a month ago, leaving his fans to question his whereabouts and reason behind the deletion of his social accounts. Thankfully the rapper decided yesterday was a good day to spill some info on what has been happening. Logic, 30, told fans that he took a break from social media to spend time with his family. The move came about as a result of the recent expansion of his family to include Bobby, who he calls “the most adorable little man in da” world.

Aside from his homely duties, the rapper also revealed that he is working on some new music for his fans. “Breaking my social media rule for a second to tell you guys I love you so much and just been in such a creative zone working on everything to come,” wrote Logic. “You know me, I’m five projects and two movies ahead at all times lol. I hope you’re all being safe during this pandemic. Know that my heart is with you. I love you all and am excited for no pressure. Bars on bars on bars.”

He continued, “This new perspective of life has been amazing. This break from the internet has been absolutely incredible but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you all. It’s just so fun experimenting and having fun with all music.”

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In terms of the upcoming project, he confirmed that it will be reminiscent of his older stuff, possibly trodding along the same lines as the mixtapes that landed him on Def Jam. Logic released his debut studio album Under Pressure in 2014 and as so far amassed a pretty decent total of five studio albums, one soundtrack album, six mixtapes and a ton of singles.

Now that we know that Logic is doing okay and is keeping busy at home, are you looking forward to the new music he is cooking up?