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Russ Says He Almost Died Because Of Wiz Khalifa’s “Kush Up Challenge”

Rapper Russ says he almost died while doing Wiz Khalifa’s infamous Kush Up Challenge.

Celebrities and fans alike have been finding innovative ways to stay sane while they self-quarantine at home. Since the pandemic forced us all to be inside, we’ve found solace in social media, which acts both as a news source as well as an entertainment source. Social media is known for its challenges, and there has definitely been a rapid increase in their inventions lately.

Recently Gille Da Kid introduced the “#KushChallenge” on Instagram, and people from all walks of life have been participating. Wiz Khalifa is still a crowd favorite for the challenge which he seamlessly executed and nominated other celebrity friends to join. Russ was one of the six people who took up Wiz challenged, but his attempt did not go as smoothly as one of the other nominees, Snoop Dogg. Mind you, Snoop is obviously a pro, and it was expected that he would go without a hiccup.

Russ shared his video of the challenge on Instagram along with the caption, “Ay @wizkhalifa why tf did you nominate me for this,” he wrote. “I almost died.” In the clip the rapper posted, he took about 6½ puffs before he started choking on the smoke. “I nominate no one because I will not subject anyone else to this suffering,” the rapper added.

The kush challenge requires you to take ten puffs and hold it all in until the very last. If you ask Jim Jones who claims to know the history and origin of the challenge, you’re actually supposed to hold it in for 20 seconds, at least, but most people haven’t been observing that part of the rules.

The kush challenge has already had thousands of participants, but obviously, the race is not for the swift but for whose lungs can endure it.