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Jeannie Mai Says She Rejects Advances From A lot Of ‘The Real’ Guests

When you’re hot, everyone wants a piece of you. Just ask Jeannie Mai.

“The Real” cohost Jeannie Mai is not only one of the most beautiful people on television, but she’s also funny and kind. Basically, a total catch. It makes sense then when she says that numerous guests who graced the sound stage of the California-based talk show have tried to shoot their shot before she met her current boyfriend Jeezy and fell in love.

“When I got divorced, I would get hit on by a lot of the different guests,” Jeannie told Elle magazine. “And I just don’t wanna — oh my god I was just gonna say I don’t wanna mix business with pleasure and date somebody off of my set but then, I’m doing that now so that’s not true. But at the time, I just really didn’t think it was good to get involved with anybody until I was really ready. So, I said no a lot to those dates.”

Jeannie tied the knot to Freddy Harteis in 2007 but ten years later, the couple decided to go their separate ways. A nasty divorce ensued, leaving the 41-year-old hesitant to dive into love again. But then came Jeezy.

The Snowman managed to thaw Jeannie’s heart and get her to believe in love again. At first, the television host kept the relationship under wraps, but the couple made things public when they walked the red carpet of Jeezy’s SnoBall Gala arm-in-arm in August 2019. Since then, J-squared have been out and about at various events and even spent Christmas with the Mai family. Jeannie describes what drew her to her man, saying, “We are very attracted to each other’s passions to serve.”

As for the future of Jeannie and Jeezy’s romance, the former stylist preferred to stay silent. When asked by Elle whether marriage was on the cards, Jeannie opted to opt out and take a shot instead of answering. Watch this space.