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Romeo Miller Recalls Being Told That Master P Was Bad For Business

Romeo Miller and Master P
Romeo Miller, Master P

Romeo Miller admitted that he had been told by some people in the industry that his bond with his dad is a weakness.

90’s rap legend Master P has been an active part of his son Romeo Miller’s life since he was a child star on TV. Wherever Romeo went, Master P went, and vice versa, and Romeo has always been vocal about his tight-knit relationship with his family. Now the actor is admitting that he has been criticized in the past for being so close with his dad and was even told that it wasn’t good for his career. Taking to Instagram to share a meaningful thought, Romeo shared a text photo that said, “A family doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to be united.”

Alongside the photo, Romeo wrote the caption, “You’ll be surprised how many companies, business partners, and even people in the industry tried to tell me my togetherness and bond with my father and (family) is a weakness to my own greatness,” he continued. “Boy the devil is a liar hahaha. Better wake up! They know what we are capable of if we stick together. Do you?”

“Through thick or thin, ain’t nobody turning me on my parents (some sh*t u gotta just take to the grave). No family is perfect, but we must stay united through the ways of this wicked world. God Got Me! Exodus 20:12 #BlackExcellence #NoFamilyIsPerfect #ProsAndCons,” Romeo wrote on Instagram.

Romeo never let what people said get to him though as he grew up being pretty close with Master P. Even at a young age, the rapper was making the right decision, and he continues to do so as his music surfs the airwaves.