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Eminem Testing Fans’ Lung Capacity With #GodzillaChallenge, They Accept

Eminem just launched a rap challenge on social media, and he says he has a prize for his favorites.

It’s not often at all that we see Eminem using his social media tools to harness fan participation, but it looks the Rap God is adjusting to this era. In a rare video that surfaced on Triller, Eminem is heard issuing his “#GodzillaChallenge,” in which he recites some fast spitting rhymes from one of the songs on his new album.

The track that he calls “Godzilla,” which features late rapper Juice WRLD, has a rapid fire third verse that, according to Genius, consists of a total of 224 words rapped by Em and 330 syllables. The prolific rapper is now challenging anyone who thinks they can match his fast spitting abilities. He posted a video to Triller of him performing the impossible verse as an example of what the challenge will look like, but it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Em delivering those syllables so quickly and precisely.

Alongside the video, Eminem shared a caption with some details. “Fill ’em with the venom and eliminate ’em’ @trillervids #GodzillaChallenge is on,” the rapper shared to Instagram. “Who can spit it? Reposting + got prizes for my favorites. Link in bio.”

Eminem is known for his fast spitting bars, but this particular verse is a monster. It is possibly the fastest verse the rapper had spit and is almost certainly the fastest on his no. 1 album “Music To Be Murdered By,” which he released in January.

Eminem has promised to repost some of the challenge videos, which means we will get to see the talented people who can actually deliver his multi-syllabic rhymes at his God-like pace. Em currently boasts 28 million Instagram followers, which is a pretty large platform for anyone he puts on.

Fans are excited to view and participate in Eminem’s #GodzillaChallenge. Juice WRLD fans are especially excited that Em chose this song from the album for the challenge. Though the rapper didn’t say what the prize was, it is safe to assume that it’ll be worthwhile. Check out the fire third verse in Eminem and Juice WRLD’s song now if you’re up for the challenge.