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Rapper Lil Mosey Speak On Getting Jumped In Helsinki

Lil Mosey has stepped forward to address a viral video allegedly showing him getting jumped in Helsinki.

The release of “Noticed” in 2018 really placed a young Washington rapper on the map and on the road to stardom. The 18-year-old rapper has been putting in the work in the studio and has taken that same energy with him while on tour. Lil Mosey is currently embarking on a European tour and recently touched down in the Scandinavian territory of Finland. Urban Islandz is unsure of the outcome of the show he performed, however, a recent video of the rapper apparently getting beat down by an angry Helsinki mob has been making the rounds on social media.

The victim in the video is seen wearing a hooded sweater, therefore, making it pretty hard for his face to be seen. The video was posted on the attacker’s IG page and captioned, “Fu**in p**sy @lilmosey” ultimately sparking the rumors that the emcee was the one on the receiving end of the beatdown.

According to the 18-year-old, it was not him in the video. He decided to clear the air and expel the rumors in fine fashion by posting a video of himself living his best life in Finland. Now that he has come forward, the entire beatdown does seem somewhat staged and could just be a clout chasing venture by goons in Helsinki.

“What you talking about I got jumped and all that? I’m the type of n**** you cant even see,” mentioned Mosey as he is videoed stepping out of the elevator with his arms around two females. His friend added more support to the claim that the young emcee was in good hands. “Stop playing with my son. Never jumped, never touched, you see how he moving in Helsinki,” he shouted.

Let’s hope no other rumors pop up on his final two stops in Europe, which are scheduled for Tuesday, February 18, 2020, at O2 Ritz Manchester in Manchester, UK, and Wednesday the 19th at the Space Club in the Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy.

The rapper who already has two studio albums under his belt is set to thrill fans with favorites such as, “Kamikaze,” “G Walk,” “Stuck In a Dream,” “Live This Wild,” and his highest-charting track “Noticed.”