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Summer Walker Says After 2020 She’s Done With Music For Good

Summer Walker
Summer Walker

Summer Walker says she quits… again.

It’s no secret that R&B singer Summer Walker suffers from social anxiety. The chart-topping vocalist has had some struggles in the industry before, with some fans accusing her of capping on her an anxiety problem. Summer has been seen performing with a teddy bear in her hand, basically storming off a stage after winning an award. The anxiety issue is so serious that Summer even canceled some of her tour dates for her mental health.

Summer Walker said in the past that this industry is not for her, and an early retirement is near, but since then we haven’t heard any talk of quitting again, until now.

The singer did not say what led her to revisit this line of thought but seems pretty sure that her music journey ends this year. “I’m deadass never making another song after 2020,” she wrote on Instagram. The post attracted a lot of attention even though it’s not the first time Summer basically said she quits. The singer has faced a lot of criticism for her anxiety setbacks, but I have a feeling that we have a case of ‘Girl Who Cried Quit’ on our hands.

Hopefully, Summer Walker never follows through on her plans to resign so soon. Fans really would be devastated.