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Govana Drops Seductive New Single “Ring My Line”

“Ring My Line” is the title of Govana‘s new song, and it is sure to have a few girls picking up their phones in an attempt to dial the artiste’s number. The track is an instant hit for the ladies, and that is meant in every sense of the word. The beat itself is flirtatious, using amplified synths almost symbolic of water splashes to fill the caps and further boast Govana’s lyrics.

The lyric video provides a pretty simple concept; it is direct and oozes a robust and seductive undertone and of course, provides the lyrics to the song. The video opens with beautifully glad ladies sporting bikinis and drinking red wine. It further dives into a few scenes of the said females playing with a garden hose before going to get a brief shot of Govana.

“Kiss on your neck, squeeze yuh throat gyal yuh look good / dripping so warm and so wet baby uh ohh / she say give it to her in the club gyal yuh too rude / nuh holding back give it to me like yuh owe me,” sings Govana.

The track is another body of work from dancehall producers Chimney Records. Govana has released “Flavours,” “Getaway,” on the Fresh Paint riddim, and “Hot Topic” with the Chimney Records team.

Govana is currently working on his debut album Humans and Monsters Are Not The Same, due on January 10, 2020. The video for “Ring My Line” is at #21 on Youtube’s Trending list at the time of this article.