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Dave East Las Vegas Battery Charges Dismissed: ‘I Told Y’all I Was Innocent’

Dave East is celebrating after having some serious charges dropped.

Dave East is known for being a pretty low key artist, so when he was hit with misdemeanor battery charges in September, the incident raised a lot of questions. What made it more impressive was that the charges stemmed from an alleged threesome with two women in Las Vegas that ended in a heated confrontation with bottles thrown. One of the women allegedly became enraged when Dave wasn’t giving her enough intention during the sexual encounter, according to the rapper. Still, the woman claims that Dave punched her several times, which ultimately led to charges filed against the New York native.

But Dave East can now put the entire situation behind him because, according to TMZ, those charges were dismissed after the rapper proved he sustained a concussion from the fight. The lawyer representing the “Type of Time” MC said the injury proved that Dave did not instigate the altercation but only worked to calm the woman down once she started throwing champagne bottles across the hotel room. “He attempted to responsibly quell the situation,” the lawyer said.

Court records obtained by TMZ proved the case was indeed dismissed. Dave East took to Instagram to celebrate his victory on Monday. “I TOLD YALL I WAS INNOCENT,” he said in a caption. “HOW IMA F*CC UP A 3SOME SH*TTIN ME LOST A WHOLE MOVIE ROLE OVER THIS FAKE NEWS ITS ALL GOOD CANT STOP WHAT ALLAH GOT PLANNED.” He also threw shots at TMZ for breaking the original story, and shouted out his lawyer for getting the case thrown out.

The incident happened after Dave performed at Drais nightclub, a popular hip hop spot on the Las Vegas strip. There were conflicting reports on how the argument started, and Dave later said that it began when the women were trying on his jewelry without permission. Whatever the truth is, Dave’s serious head injury proved to be enough evidence to convince a judge that he was not in the wrong.