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Cardi B Gets Hate Mail For Saying This About Female Rappers, She Responds

Cardi B is getting some hate mail from hip hop fans for saying that she opens doors for female rappers in the industry.

Cardi B sat down in a recent interview and blatantly said that she opened the door for aspiring female rappers to get signed. We’re sure Nicki Minaj disagrees, but also a ton of hip hop fans have been criticizing her on social media. “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B is one outspoken character. She never hesitates to speak her mind no matter how many feathers she ruffles in the process. Her talent is undeniable, and she has certainly put in the work and achievements in music have been well deserved, however, her recent statements have been leading fans to think that all the hype has gone to her head.

The Bronx rapper has no doubt topped charts and broke records, and her talent doesn’t stop at just music as she has been making moves on the big screen lately. With her role in the blockbuster hit “Hustlers” and her current part in the Netflix series “Rhythm + Flow” Cardi is on the path to becoming a serious double threat.

During a recent Rap Radar interview to promote the new hip hop competition series, “Rhythm + Flow,” which she hosts alongside T.I. and Chance The Rapper. Host Elliot Wilson boldly declared Cardi the biggest female rapper in the game. The series has been getting a lot of positive feedback from fans who seemingly cannot get enough of it. At one point during the interview, co-host B.Dot asked Cardi if she has difficulty judging female rappers. This prompted Cardi to state that she keeps her eye out for ambitious rappers. She then began a lengthy and passionate speech about how her own ambitious nature opened doors for aspiring female rappers in the game.

“I feel like, after me, I’ll say that it’s kinda easier for a lot of these female artists… like before me, there was no female rapper that was signed to a label – well, you know the ones that had already been established,” she stated. “Nobody was signing them. And now, everybody’s just signing them if you could rap, and you got a couple of followers because nobody wants to miss the opportunity. Like, a lot of labels missed the opportunity with me because I went to a couple of motherf**kers and they said no, no, no, no,” she then added.

Rapper T.I. who was present during the interview seconded Cardi’s statements saying that she had “kicked the doors down of being personable.” This comment came after Cardi explained that she was rejected by a record label who told her she was “too much on Love & Hip Hop.” T.I. strengthened all of Cardi’s talking points stating that she has made a huge impact on today’s female rappers, “Most women when they came out were extremely mysterious, you hardly heard them talk,” but since Cardi came out and made it big female rappers are now inspired to be themselves.

Cardi has received a lot of backlash and hate for her statements since the posting of the interview. One fan commented, “No…no she didn’t. She must not of heard of Lauren Hill, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim..you know..REAL RAP WOMAN. This b**ch is hot trash and a clown.”

Cardi responded to all the hate in a series of tweets. She tweeted, “I didn’t say I pave the way for female rappers but I deff gave the hood and women hope. Nikkas wasn’t collabing with females rappers. Labels where signing female rappers and putting them in a shelf and not focusing on them. Not giving them proper attention.”

She then posted a second tweet stating, “And ya can deny it as much as ya want and say I’m crazy or stfuu but how many female rappers before me where getting chances or getting pushed? They wasn’t believing and now they are !”

Check out more of her tweets below.