Michael Jackson’s Former Publicist Makes Rare Statement, Launch Foundation

Michael Jackson’s former publicist made some announcements regarding the late singer today in a press conference held to address his legacy.

As the Michael Jackson announcement trended online, Twitter users had some fun with the hashtag. Some suggested that the announcement would be that the King of Pop is coming back while others jested that not only would Jackson make an appearance but would also announce that Billie Jean was, in fact, his lover.

All jokes aside, the anticipation that was built up around the announcement was short-lived when former spokesperson, publicist, and manager of the late singer, Raymone Bain started addressing the HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ which highlights the stories of two alleged sexual abuse victims of Michael Jackson.

According to the spokesperson, neither her nor her associates would turn a blind eye to or compromise their integrity for someone who would willingly harm children. Not only did Bain encourage consumers to cancel their HBO subscriptions and boycott the network, but also announced that the estate had filed a $100 million lawsuit against the network for the “biased one-sided” documentary that she called a “public lynching” of the late legend.

“I am equally appalled that it has been nominated for five Emmy awards but if it was not Michael Jackson, would it still be nominated for five Emmy awards?” she asked.

Bain went on to announce the establishment of the Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation which will serve to preserve, protect, and defend his name. The organization will aim to thwart any further media efforts to disparage his name any further. Even though Michael Jackson was acquitted, the media constantly ignores it and fuels the narrative of him being a pedophile.

The HBO documentary has no real evidence of pedophilia but rather just two men’s accounts of being abused by the singer. MJ Vibe reports that HBO has since filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against them, and claims it violates the First Amendment, Due Process Clause and Public Policy. The next hearing is scheduled for September 19.