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Big Sean Addresses Jhené Aiko Breakup In New Song “Overtime” Drops Today

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko

Big Sean is back with new music after a two-year hiatus since his last official album.

The Detroit rapper dropped a teaser Tuesday evening for his new single titled “Overtime” on social media, a video snippet of the first minute or so from the song that looks to be leading off his forthcoming album. In it, he addresses his hiatus from music with bars that seem to reference his break up with singer Jhené Aiko, as well as depression, a condition he opened up about back in May on his Instagram account.

“I didn’t take a break my n*gga, I broke/ Broke my heart, broke my soul. Don’t cry for me though,” Sean spits on camera in what looks to be a studio mic in front of a neon sign that reads “Don Life.”

On his 31st birthday, Big Sean told fans on IG that he had been seeing a therapist and that he was working on finding clarity and self-discovery. The revelations were made public months after he and Jhené Aiko called off their two-year-long relationship that produced a duet album Twenty-88.

We haven’t gotten an album from Sean Don since 2017 with I Decided, which in today’s climate overload of music seems like a long time. The “Finally Famous” rapper had already previewed new music back in March, and it looks like he’s finally got the ball rolling. Towards the end of the “Overtime” snippet, he mentions that he’s in “album mode.”

In an April radio interview, the G.O.O.D. Music MC was asked to give some details on his new project. He didn’t reveal much, but Big Sean did say he was working with Philly rapper Meek Mill on “something for the future,” according to Genius.

“Overtime” is set to drop Wednesday at noon, E.T. … or as Sean would say, “Detroit time.”