Watch Koffee “Toast” Jimmy Kimmel Live With Fire Performance

Koffee on Jimmy Kimmel

The story of the rising star Koffee continues with great poise. Following her rapid breakout with her Rapture E.P. Koffee hasn’t slowed down one bit. Her Rapture E.P features “Toast,” “Rapture,” and “Ragamuffin” among others getting airplay all over the world.

Blessings have indeed fallen on the “Toast” singer. Signed by Columbia Records, it is delightful to see another of our artistes with a big label backing. The results are evident with Koffee easily topping the reggae charts while also amassing international experience through performances and interviews. Interviews with Apple Music’s Up Next, Beats 1 Music and also BBC 1Xtra exposing the world to her talent.

It comes as no surprise then when it was reported that she was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a late-night Juggernaut in the states. Koffee did not disappoint; she represented herself well in front of America with her melodies and flow, delivered with great confidence.

Everyone in the crowd can be seen clapping and vibing to her monster hit, showing that music transcends even popular culture. The band that played with her was also top class, a guitar solo close to the end of the song was literally everything. At the end of her performance, you could see how appreciated it was receiving ‘Rapturous’ applause.

Koffee can only get better from here on out, and I’m sure we are all keen to see how she will grow into the music industry. A flower in the Jamaican Music fraternity we must treasure her appearance on the scene and what it has done for our music since then. Artistes of this ilk and star power were needed for a while now in our space to bring the music forward.